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Our President tonight announced that the last American troops have left Iraq, and that Operation Iraqi Freedom has officially ended after a little more than seven years.  View the full video of the President’s speech here:


I agree with the President’s decision not to keep troops in Iraq.  One of the topics that the Press mentioned about the speech is that the President did not mention “mission accomplished.”  I did not expect him to do so.  What mission is there?  I cannot answer this question, and I think this is the reason why the troops should have left.  America cannot afford to fight a war that has not clear cut mission, let alone a project of nation-building.

America will continue to fight Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and hopefully they will succeed and we can leave in the near future.  I wish to express many thanks to all servicemen and women that have made so many sacrifices for the sake of freedom in America and abroad.


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